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Utility Companies: Boost your cash by millions AND protect your vulnerable customers...

...Use the only software in the world that stamps out your partially billed commercial properties.

$3,082,023 of water bypasses meter at leading University over 22 year period. This cost is borne by all other bill payers. How is that fair?

Just 24 water and electricity companies like yours have found an incredible $246,108,769 so far... an average of $10,254,532.

     You can join them...

This software has worked wherever it’s been used. It can help you too.

     Don’t believe me?

Read some one page case studies or watch a few video clips.

Similar issues will occur in your patch. I guarantee it.

This type of unbilled consumption is nigh on impossible to find. But with what I'm offering you today, you can easily.

And if you don't find it - you don't pay.

That's right. You get a cast iron guarantee. Try our software. If you find nothing in 30 days, we will give you your money back.

How much longer will profitable business get away without paying for all the water and energy they use?

For 25 years, plush 4* hotel doesn't pay a penny for their second electricity meter. Why should YOU pay your bills, but a wealthy hotel dodge $1,195,242?

     It's shameful.

Our bills are higher because blue chip companies - who know they have a second supply or a faulty meter - are not paying for what they use.

It gives them an unfair advantage over their rivals.

     And forces all the rest of us to pay more.

Stamp out theft of your service and you'll protect your vulnerable customers.

Thames Water have been doing this for eleven years. Every one of their 3.5 million household bills is now $10.94 a year lower than it would have been.

In electricity, one multi-national - with global turnover of $48,800m - got away without paying $4.6m of electricity over 16 years. That's a $4.6m tab picked up by small businesses and homeowners. It's anti-competitive and unfair.

     And it's not a one-off.

Take a look at some case studies and see the sort of things your commercial customers will be up to.

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